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After School Clubs at St John'ss

Reading Club

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Lego Club

Science Club


Construction Club


Quilling in Craft Club

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Science Club – Nature hunt for habitats

We have been on a nature hunt today in science club. We put on our coats and explored our outside classroom. Venturing over our mound, children searched for insect habitats, leaves, sticks, a whole lot of creepy crawlies and eggs. It was lovely

Reading Club

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Science Club - Slime

Mouse Club


Science Club - Habitats

Science Club

What a wonderful start to our Science Club at St John's!
We had a thriving group of budding Scientists in Thursday night's after school club. We made our very own gloopy slime! Everyone was able to follow instructions and then change variables in order to change the slime, e.g. add more water to change the consistency, add more corn flour to make the slime firmer, change the amount of food colouring for colour. We can't wait to see what next week brings

Craft Club

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Constructing UK landmarks

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Sewing Club

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Brass Club

Brass club is open to all pupils in year 4, 5 and 6 so why not give it a try?

This brilliant club is free and takes place on Thursdays 3.15pm till 4pm.

Your child has the opportunity to be taught by a music teacher  and enhance their musical skills whilst having fun!

Read what one clubber had to say:

"Brass club is great because I always learn something new.  I am better at following rhythms. My concentration and breathing has improved because I can hold a note for longer now."

"Personally, I love being involved in brass club as it is amazing to see pupils self-esteem flourish when they master a new note or song."

Miss Smith

Homework Club

Would your child like a quiet place to complete their homework?

Do you think they would enjoy working with their peers?

Would you like your child to have teacher support?

If you have answered 'yes' to at least two of the questions then Year 5 homework club could be the answer!  We meet every Monday, 3.15pm till 4.00pm.  Come and join us!

Read what two homework clubbers have to say:

"I go to homework cub because it is quiet and I can concentrate.  Mrs Smith is always there to help if I get stuck. I would recommend people go especially if they have younger siblings as it's a good to place to work without interruption.  To energise us, we always get a treat - usually biscuits!

"I go to homework club so I have more time to play and have fun at home.  I would recommend going to help you prepare for year six SATs.  Also, you get BISCUITS!"

KS2 Cooks Club

Children are taught basic cooking skills and how to make a balanced meal. They learn how to combine ingredients to produce simple, healthy food. Our aim is to teach basic culinary skills and food knowledge, which will help the children to make informed choices about their diet. 
What we did: 

  • Following instructions
  • Weighing
  • Peeling
  • Knife safety
  • Using electrical equiptment 
  • Organisation
  • Kneading 
  • Communication
  • "Some of the things we baked I didn't think I would like, but once I tried them they were yummy" Alfie Balshaw, Year 5

KS1 Reading Club


Krafty Kids Club

cafty kids club

ICT Club

ict club

Press Gang Club

Friday's Press Gang Club meets every week to create new issues and we will release a new publication every fortnight.
Please click on the issue you would like to read.

Crafty Kids

Look at the things we have been making in Crafty Kids, every week we enjoy ourselves. We made pirate hats and animal masks. 

We had a lot of fun

Computing Club

In Computing Club, we have been learning how to program using Scratch. We made our own games. Firstly, we made a maze game then we made a hide and seek game. We really enjoyed playing on each others. 

Maths and Science Club: The bouncing ball investigation.

In Maths and Science Club this week we carried out our own bouncing ball investigation. We collected a number of balls of different sizes, textures and materials. We then carried out a fair test to see which ball bounced the highest. We logged our results in a table and discussed our results. We discussed how we would measure the height of the bounce accurately, how we would identify the accuracy of the test and if it would be a 'fair' test and how many times we would repeat the test and why.

Crafty Kids

We made Mother's Day fridge magnets, we designed the frame and placed a picture in the middle. We also made a game where you had to get the ball into the cup because Year 1 had been learning about Toys

Brilliant fridge magnets

Gardening Club

We have planted sunflower seeds for our Sunflower Growing Competition. We went down to our allotment and planted onions, broad beans and potatoes to hopefully make a soup in the summer when they have grown. 

Maths and Science Club/Geography focus - Waste Week

Between 7th-11th March, the whole school celebrated Waste Week; the intention was to promote the concept throughout the school, with an emphasis on reduce, reuse and recycling. Children learned the importance of what we can do in our classrooms, in school, at home and in our local environments; in order to reduce the amount of waste we create, reuse things as opposed to throwing them away and recycle unwanted items instead of sending them to landfill.
Each year group were responsible for particular tasks, e.g. year 5 completed a water audit throughout school to monitor the amount of water we use and to limit the wastage - turning taps off, making sure there are no leaks, year 4 made sure that each class were recycling paper, KS1 used recycled materials within art projects linked to their topics.
We also completed a Litter pick each break-time; Eco Council lead the litter pick on the Monday, followed by children from each class throughout the rest of the week. Science club designed posters which were displayed throughout the school and designed their own interpretation of WEEE man based at the Eden Project - a robot made from recyclable materials.
Children were also asked to bring in any unwanted toys that could be recycled and sent to local charity shops. The whole week was a success; children really learned the importance of recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of waste we produce.

KS1 Cooking Club

We enjoyed designing and making our Easter cakes this term.  
We learned how to work as a team and use equipment safely. 

Science and Maths Club

Throughout the Spring term we have been investigating a range of science experiments; in doing so, we have developed our enquiry skills. One of our challenges was to explore a range of resources and find out how we could make a magnet. Our resources included: batteries, battery holders, wires, nail and paper clips. Everyone was eager to participate and explore lots of different ways to create a magnet. 

Cookery Club

During this half term the children planned a project which involved them designing an Easter topping for their Easter cake. Firstly, we discussed the meaning of Easter and what it meant to them. Each child was given a template to complete a design, this was then sent away and reproduced on edible icing. Secondly, the children took a vote on what type of cake they would like to make - either fruit or plain sponge. The decision was a sponge cake - Madeira which is a long lasting cake. 
Finally, the children have each made an individual cake together with their original designs all ready just in time for Easter - that's if they last that long!

Maths and Science Club

In Maths and Science Club, we have been busy carrying out investigations to find out whether materials are soluble or insoluble. We tested; coffee, sand, flour, sugar, rice and gravy. First of all we all made a prediction and gave reasons as to why we thought some materials would dissolve and some wouldn't. We then tested the materials in cold water, warm water and hot water; we wanted to find out whether the temperature of the water would affect the speed at which the material dissolved. 

In Science and Maths club this week, we have been using a Cartoon Concept Map to prompt interesting discussions about wind energy, if it is 'free' and the broader implications it can have on the wider community. After discussions, we research wind and hydro energy using I-Pads and computers, then made our own wind turbines.

Lifestyle Club

In lifestyle club we had a think of what skills we will need when we are older and skills that are very handy to have. We decided to do sewing in which we have been making pencil cases. These were very tricky and needed a lot of patience and time. As we didn't get to finish them in our club, they were given the chance to take them home and finish them at home and asked to bring them in once they had finished. Mary (y3) and Mia (y4) did this straight away and brought their finished pencil cases in the next day. 
We have also been designing and making our very own healthy sandwich or wrap, here are some of the designs.

Reading Club

We have been having lots of fun in reading club in Year 1.

Maths/Science Club

This week we have been investigating our own robotic devices. We found out that robotic devices are anything that we make to take over a job which is boring, repetitive or dangerous to humans. 
In order to make our own robot we used everyday materials: two pencils, two rulers, two cotton reels, rubber bands, one electric motors and one battery holder. 
We had to follow instructions and use our investigative skills in order for our robot to work. 
We had lots of fun throughout our investigation.

Crafty Kids Club

We designed and made wooden spoon puppets and put on a puppet show. The children really enjoyed acting out the play. After that, we made decorations to hang from our Christmas tree using salt dough. The children enjoyed painting them and covering them in glitter.

KS 2 Cookery Club

KS 1 Library Club

  Each week a book was read aloud to the children and then they completed an activity.

This is what we did:

Week 1 - Shark In The Park - The children drew what they could see through their telescope.

Week 2 - Traditional Tales, Little Red Riding Hood & The Three Little Pigs - The children were split into two groups and they planned & performed a puppet show for the rest of the group.

Week 3 - Superhero Week - we read Supertato and the children drew a picture of their own Superhero, including what their superpower was and a Superhero name.

Week 4 - Christmas Week - we read Twas The Night Before Christmas.  The children could choose from a selection of Christmas activities such as colouring, a word search, dot-to-dot and draw a Christmas picture.

History Club Autumn 1

In History club, we became modern day historians and combined our thirst for history knowledge with our ICT skills. So we decided to find out about explorers. 

We learnt how to research using key words and look for relevant websites to collect information from. As some websites aren't always reliable. 

Next we presented the most interesting  facts about our explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Francis Drake. We learnt how to use PowerPoint and Purple Mash Tools. In PowerPoint, we learnt how to add a new slide, change the background and add a picture that we had saved. 

We were very impressed with ourselves after 6 weeks as we could research and present our findings independently. 

Gardening Club

Term 1

In our gardening club at St. Johns the children have learned new skills, had fun, played and developed self-confidence by spending time tending plants and growing their own food. Our children have enjoyed being outdoors and loved digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching their plants grow.

Music Club

St John’s Afterschool Music Club.
Summer term feedback.

This term we have been concentrating on coordination. Being able to ‘control’ our bodies is really important for all kinds of activities, not just for playing instruments.

We have learnt a circle dance called Bow Wow Wow and a ceilidh type dance called As I Was Walking Down The Street. Both of these songs involve the children singing and dancing at the same time, they also include choreography that require the children to dance with a partner and/or move between each other around the circle at the same time! This is not an easy thing for grown ups to do so they have done very well.

We have also created our own games based around musical statues and body percussion. When using instruments we did so as a band, playing different parts of the same rhythm so we were interdependent on each other to make a whole sound.

Well done everyone and have a great summer!

Amanda Quigley.
9th July 2015.

Spanish Club

In Spanish Club, we have been learning our fruits and to consolidate our learning we applied it to making a 'ensalada de fruta' which is a fruit salad. All of the instructions were in spanish and we had to use our knowledge of numbers and fruits to follow the recipe!

iPad Club

In iPad club we have been learning how to use technology to help us in our time in school during lessons and also during our free time. Being confident in using computers, cameras, and iPads is a great skill to take to high school with us, as well as to have in later life. We have also been using our time to just enjoy what the iPads have to offer. 

What we did:

  • We learned how to switch the iPad on and off.
  • We can now all search for apps using the scroll function.
  • We learned how to use a variety of apps including those that we use in lessons. 
  • We are all now confident at taking photos and videos with iPads
  • We used google to help us find ideas for our designs. 

"we loved being able to find our own thing that we like on Goohle like episodes on iplayer" Holly.
"I learned how to type on the iPad" Leon
"I thought it was cool that I could walk down the road on google Earth" Kaiden.

History Club

We have been finding out about the Anglo Saxons. Look at some of the posters we created. We found out that they were farmers. 

In History Club, we have been learning about Neil Armstrong. So we decided to practise walking on the moon whilst saying his famous speech. 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' 

Cookery Club

Premier Foods have launched a brand new competition designed specifically for the education channel, which will unveil the first ‘McDougall’s Young Baking Team of the Year’. Cooking is back on the curriculum so what better time to get children back into the kitchen then by entering a cookery competition. The winning team will be rewarded with top prizes worth £1,000. We were eager to show off what our school has put into practise over the years so we took up the challenge which demonstrates dedication and team work whilst teaching the children new skills. Fingers crossed we will be in that final! 

Crazy Cooks Club

Cookery is a great way of learning a large number of skills, such as using apparatus safely, hygiene, healthy eating and also team work, measuring and following instructions. The children are encouraged to taste different fooss and this term we have been looking at healthy alternatives to our favourite snacks and deserts. 

What we did: 

  • We learnes how to use scales
  • We practised working as a team.
  • We self critiqued out food. 
  • We practised using good hygiene. 
  • We made biscuits and muffins. 

"Mixing all the ingredients together and watching it go all gooey" Grace De Silva 

"I liked tasting the fruits because I didn't think I liked them and I did" Taylor

"Washing up with fairy liquid and drying them was my favourite job" Emmie Lou

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