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Teaching and Learning

What the school provides


  • At St John’s we deliver a Catholic RE programme called ‘Come and See’, all children including SEND children have access to this Catholic curriculum.
  • Collective Worship takes place daily as part of the Catholic curriculum.
  • School delivers ‘Jigsaw’ a PSHE scheme of work which covers emotional literacy and SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural).
  • School operates a graduated approach to SEND provision where we assess, plan, do and review.
  • Assessment of need starts with a whole school approach, planning for inclusive quality first teaching, the SENCo monitors progress termly with all relevant staff, and on going review of provision for all SEND children.
  • Identification begins with the class teacher who will observe, assess and collate evidence to be discussed with the family and SENCo.
  • Intervention programmes are implemented and progress tracked through a comprehensive assessment structure.
  • Provision maps identify a whole school intervention programme.
  • Outside agencies are referred to as needs are identified.

Agencies school work with:

  • 0-19 school health team which includes school nurse and community pediatrics doctor
  • Speech Language and Communication Team (SLCT)
  • Occupational Therapist (OT)
  • Physio Therapist (PT)
  • CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services)
  • Educational Psychologist (EP)
  • IDSS traded team of specialist teachers
  • Children’s Centre
  • Lancashire County Council (LCC) link Educational Psychologist
  • LCC SEND Officer (Special Educational Needs and Disability Officer)
  • SHARES cluster schools (primary, special and secondary)
  • Parent Partnership


  • Teaching assistant support is deployed according to the SEND needs identified.
  • Staff training is identified through annual appraisal programme and SEND needs identified throughout the year.
  • Every class has a full time teaching assistant, additional staff are  deployed as SEND needs are identified
  • Staff training for current year includes: epilepsy, asthma, anaphylaxis,  ADHD, ASD, Learning difficulties, stress and resilience, social skills, social stories, workstation ideas and resources for ASD children, dyslexia
  • Staff intervention training for current year includes: phonics, speech and language, EAL / SEND, managing math’s intervention, spelling and grammar, PIVATS, assessment, literacy programmes, provision mapping, SEND reforms, SENCo local cluster (SHARES) every term, SENCo Forum LCC every term,
  • Specialist teacher support is available throughout the school year, meetings and observations occur every term
  • SENCo has recently completed National SENCo award for SEND and dyslexia training
  • Staff, children and families have fulltime support and advice from the SENCo
  • Specialist teacher support is currently timetabled for every term.
  • Provision for support during tests and SATS is available, this consists of additional staffing (sometimes 1 to1)  and provision of rooms
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