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Reviewing and Evaluating Outcomes

What the school provides

  • Within the autumn term the SENCO provides an outline of dates for reviews and meetings for identified SEND children and their families for the academic year. Discussion between school and county allows for school to receive advice and dates to be entered for the year ahead.
  • EHC plans have required two meetings to be planned. An initial meeting to collate the information and a follow up meeting allowing time for the family to read through the completed profile, make changes if necessary and agree to the final profile document.
  • Evaluation and assessment of support, resources, interventions and progress for all SEND children takes place every term during pupil progress meetings. Management, class teachers, learning mentor and SENCo all attend. In addition the SENCo operates an open door policy for all staff and families.
  • The SENCo meets with class teachers every half term to monitor, evaluate and review SEND provision in each class.
  • Targets for children are agreed upon within the pupil progress meetings and families are informed at parent’s evenings.
  • Observation of intervention takes place throughout the year.
  • Observation of SEND children takes place regularly.
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