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What the school provides

  • Medicine management policy available from the main office
  • Asthma inhalers, epipens are kept within the child’s classroom and labeled
  • No other medicines are given by staff in school. If a child requires medication throughout the school day a parent / carer are asked to administer the medicine.
  • Care plans are written for children that require them by a health professional. Attendance at the meeting involves, health, school and the family including the child were appropriate.
  • All care plans are available in the child’s classroom, stored in the SENCo’s files and a master copy is available in the main school office.
  • Care plans are followed, family are informed and were appropriate emergency services will be called.
  • A critical incident plan is in place the Head teacher is the lead
  • A fire evacuation system is in place and fire marshals ensure a safe and efficient exit from the building. Fire drills take place each term.
  • All staff have pediatric or first aid training.
  • External professionals often come into school to implement sessions with children, such as speech and language, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

A drop in session with the school nurse each half term has been requested by school this has yet to be confirmed from the health team and school nurse

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