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Exciting Announcement!

This week we launched a brand new initiative called, 'Achievements to Treasure Before Leaving St. John's.' In essence it is a list of activities that we feel are important for a child to experience during their primary school years.

The curriculum council have worked closely with Miss Derome for over a year now to make sure that all the activities are right for our children, adequately challenging but more importantly activities that will provide an exciting experience covering a full range of interests and hobbies.

The activities that the children have designed have been made into a treasure trail and every year group has its own set of challenges to achieve and treasure, illustrated beautifully on classroom posters. Examples include 'Learn a new language', 'Go stargazing' and ' Hold a scary beast'.

We are all extremely excited about this innovative project, which is a completely unique design, something you won’t see in other schools, but which we believe enhances our fantastic curriculum, enriching the lives of the children at St. John's.

Watch the newsletter and website for more information

A. Aspinwall-Livesey

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