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Welcome to Year 3


We are coming towards to final stages of Year 3. It has been a brilliant year so far.

Our topics for this term are Geography- Liverpool. We will be looking at Liverpool on map comparing them against what Liverpool looked like in the past. We will also be taking an interest in famous landmarks throughout Liverpool leading towards creating our own designs of these landmarks. Year 3 will also soon be going on a trip to The Liverpool Museum.

PE is still on a Monday and Tuesday but our focus is cricket and athletes with lots of our lessons outside!

New spellings are given out every Friday and they will be tested the following Friday.

Times tables are a huge focus for us in Year 3 and throughout St John’s. We undertake a times tables test numerous times each week. It is important that all children know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables by the end of Year 3.


Books can be changed daily if the reading record is signed. Every child should be reading at least 4 times a week for around 15 minutes. Children are responsible for changing their own reading books. 


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We have started creating our Liverpool landmarks out of recycled materials. Great teamwork and communication skills used.




Can we change the colour of a flower?


The Museum of Liverpool

We had a brilliant visit to The Museum of Liverpool. Everyone had to opportunity to look at a variety of different artefacts about Liverpool. All the children thoroughly enjoyed our workshop about exported and imported goods, plus immigration into Liverpool in the past and currently.


Sports Day


Mental Health Week




Year 3 Leigh Centurions Rugby Sessions

World Book Day

book day 1book day 2

The Daily Mile


We reiceved our ashes today


We had a Roman visitor

As part of our History Topic- The Romans, last week we had a visitor come into School and everyone had the opportunity to look at some Roman artefacts.


Everyone carried out an investigation to decide whether changing the surfaces would have an impact on the speed and distance that the car would travel. 





One of our new topic for PE this half term is looking at developing our team work skills


We have been learning about 3d shape properties this week, therefore we put our knowledge into action whilst working in groups to create 3d shapes out of marshmallows and lolly stick


Within our invasion game topic, we have been focusing on rugby. Everyone in Year 3 has developed their throwing and receiving by using a swing pass and can now use this in a mini game situation. They have learnt lots of different tactics for how to score a point when a defender is added into the game.


Our current RE topic is called visitors which fits well with advent. We have been looking at how we can be good visitors and what it feels like when we have visitors or if we are a visitor somewhere. In our last lesson we looked at a few pieces of scripture about how the shepherd’s heard about the birth of Jesus and went to visit Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. All children created interview questions which they would like to ask the shepherd’s, we then interviewed our very own shepherd’RE.



We have started to create our volcano. It has involved a lot of team work and a lot of newspaper and glue.

We have started to create our volcano. It was involved a lot of team work and a lot of newspaper and glue.

Here are some of the amazing results of children's hard work and effort in creating volcano art

Our fantastic visit to Southport Synagogue

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

We have started our new topic of Volcanoes and earthquakes. The children have started their volcano art based on Margaret Godfrey abstract art work


We went looking around School to find items in which you could measure the perimeter


Rock Detectives

Today, we looked at becoming geologists and we were closely observing the appearance and texture of a variety of different rocks. We used this information to help us put these rocks into different categorises.


Using ICT to develop our mathamatical knowledge of ordering numbers


We have been trying to use our passing skills within a game situation

Making bronze beakers

We have been using clay to try and recreate our very own Bronze Beakers


We had a visitor come into School to bring our Stone Age to Iron Age topic to an end.

We learnt all about the historic timeline, using actions to help us remember the whole timeline. We looked at artefacts from the prehistoric period, we created our own house which looked similar to those in the Bronze Age. Finally, we discovered how difficult it would have been to draw cave paintings.

Our lesson was very interesting

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