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Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Spring 2018

Welcome to our new Spring term! Our Autumn term was packed full of exciting learning. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their residential activity week in Tower Wood, it was most definitely an experience our children will never forget. We are very proud of their achievements. Not only did they achieve their own high expectations of themselves but of others too.

We had a very productive and busy term: parents and carers were invited into school to share our wonderful Geography project learning, our maths challenge afternoon, we were lucky to warmly welcome our chair of governors into class to make Christmas puddings with us, we held our very first ‘Carols around the Christmas Tree’, some of our year 5 and 6 performed dance routines at Winter Wonderland at Our Lady Queen of Peace as well as completing lots of learning in class. Well done year 6!

Year 6 have achieved a lot since September and we can not wait to see the progress that the children will continue to make into the Spring term. We have lots more exciting learning to delve into over the next few weeks. We are introducing new units of learning in Literacy, Maths and RE. 


Keep up the hard work everyone!


Mrs Morris, Mrs Green and year 6 staff







The Royal Wedding Picnic

Royal Wedding Designers

It was great fun designing Meghan's dress

Exploring the Beacon

Athletics Practise


Developing use of questioning based on a film clip and making predictions

'Get Caught Reading' voucher winner in year 6! Lexie




Easter Bonnets



British Science Week in year 6

During British Science Week in year 6, we investigated the strength of an egg by testing our weight distributed across its structure. We also investigated how strong they would be when we constructed a parachute that would deliver an egg safely to the ground when dropped from a height.



Making 3D shapes and recognising properties of shapes.

Team Building Activity



Remembrance Day


PE - Gymnastics and Dance

Maths Open Afternoon


Maths Champions


Long Ships




Grammar Games


Exquisite corpse sentence game

Geography Fair


Copper Challenge


Christmas Puddings

Christmas at St John's


Chester Zoo




Books from Siobhan Dowd Trust

Anglo Saxons


Collective Worship

Year 6 have prepared and presented their Collective Worship this week. It was lovely to welcome parents and family members into our class and share our worship with them. As part of our Loving unit of learning, we have been learning about love and forgiveness. Children read The Beatitudes from the Bible along with their own Beatitudes. Both parents and children were asked to take part in writing their own pledges, e.g. I promise to provide comfort to friends and family when they need someone to listen. I promise to be a peacemaker in a world where we find conflict. I promise to be kind and caring towards others.

Year 6 also designed their own messy map of our local community to represent themselves in the centre at St John’s, surrounded by our family, friends, within our local community. Along the roads, children wrote words linked with our topic, e.g. caring, loving, unconditional love, forgiveness, comfort, thankful, listen, mercy, peace.


In preparation for Harvest, children brought in food for our local food bank. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. 

Poetry Week

We celebrated Poetry Week last week by learning and practicing a range of poems to present in front of the class. This was an enormous success! Children worked together in groups and performed: ‘I like to rhyme it, rhyme it’ by Craig Bradley, ‘Walking with my Iguana’ by Brian Moses and ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ by Maya Angelou. 

Reading Tweets

Authors from around the country have been tweeting their own personal comments about why children at primary school should pick up a book and read! Twitter was buzzing with inspiration for children! Year 6 decided to join in and persuade others to dive into the unknown, pick up a book and enter a world of mystery, opportunities, travel and much more!

Stewart Foster – Reading makes your dreams feel real.

Lara Williamson – Reading takes you on the journey of a lifetime. You’re the explorer discovering a million new places without leaving your home.

Brian Moses – A book is a ticket to an adventure. You need never be bored with a book.

Lisa Thompson – Reading creates pictures and worlds in your mind which can stay with you forever. 

Science – Migration and Hibernation

As part of our Survival topic in Science, we have been learning about adaptations of animals. We investigated a range of birds and animals today. Children were asked to classify them into groups of their choice. We used scientific vocabulary throughout. Groups looked at climates, seasons, extreme weather conditions, if they were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, if they hibernated or migrated. We then learned the actual classifications: migration, hibernation, grow a thick coat and store food and classified accordingly. True Scientists year 6!


Year 6 have been learning a range of spelling rules every week and practicing hard! Spellings are then tested on a Friday. 

Thesaurus Work

As part of our literacy, we have been exploring images and creating word banks to describe them. We have been building on our bank of higher level vocabulary by using a thesaurus to up level our vocabulary. We discussed words like fracture, baffled, drifting, elevating. 

Charles Darwin Biographies

In literacy we have been writing our own biographies. Once complete, children have up-levelled their writing and used ICT to present their final piece. Well done Year 6!! 


Year 6 have been learning the rules of hockey in PE. We have been developing and practicing our dribble, control and interception skills.


Thesaurus work


RE - Stained glass windows



Migration and Hibernation

Reading Tweets

Poetry performance



Collective Worship


Preparing for Collective Worship


We have been learning all about our Loving topic in RE. We have read, analysed and discussed the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Children re-enacted scenes to portray the story, we discussed how important unconditional love is and the fact that forgiveness is an essential part of unconditional love. We explored a range of art pieces that depict the Parable. Year 6 then designed and created their own interpretations. Our final piece will be complete this week. 


Word of the Day 

Year 6 have been building their word banks by learning a new word every day. We have been discussing their meaning and using them in context within a sentence. Here are some of the words we have learned: spectre, conceal, surplus, wretched, reveal, loathsome, admirable, impeccable, surreptitious. 



Geography Trail

We thoroughly enjoyed our Geography trail on Friday afternoon! Both children and parents went around school completing a geography challenge. I was very impressed that some of our year 6 children found the location of the Galápagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador! Especially as we have been learning all about the islands in Science. 


Literacy and Creativity

We have been learning all about the life of Charles Darwin through independent and class based research using a range of sources. Children have been eager to learn facts for their biographies. There have been some brilliant pieces so far. We look forward to sharing them with you. 


Help for parents

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