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At St. John’s we strive for excellence in education. We have established a community based on love and care for each individual child. Everything we do is an attempt to develop the all round personality of our children in a stimulating Christian environment.

Our aims and values are enshrined in our mission statement, which permeates all aspects of our school life and further highlighted through our school motto, TO LIVE in LOVE, which is demonstrated on a daily basis by children and staff. St. John’s is an extremely happy and caring school.

We believe firmly that children are more likely to flourish and reach their full potential when they are aware that parents and teachers are working towards common goals. To that end we hope that through this communication, the first of many, we will begin to forge a genuine home school partnership between you, the children’s first and enduring educators, and all at St. John’s.

St. John’s is a ‘Good School’ with a huge array of 'outstanding' features, (Ofsted 2017) which has an excellent reputation and is highly regarded in the wider community. We are an extremely popular and successful school so please take the time to look into all that goes on here. We think you will be impressed!

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